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Fia's health testing results .....

Penn Hip: .38 (l) .38 (r) 90th percentile (21 mths old)

Elbows: OFA Normal (prelims 21 mths old)

Heart Holter: Clear - 0,0,0 (7 mths)

DM: Clear - GenSol 87635

Height 27.5"

Weight 88 lbs

DNA - UC Davis #NCD123611

Fia - CJ's Crannog Call of the Wild - joined the Crannog Shilohs family in 2017. Fia came to us from CJ Shilohs and we are very excited to have her with us. Fia has matured into a lovely young adult with a gentle and loving nature. She's protective of her family and property when necessary but is outgoing and friendly both on and off the property. Like all our Shilohs, Fia is wonderful with our grandchildren and has appointed herself to the role of guardian. Whenever they decide to go outside to play Fia is with them keeping a watchful eye on them. Fia had a singleton puppy, Conor in January 2021.    Thanks to Judy Vaneman for this beautiful little girl.  Click on this link to go to Fia's photos

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