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It is with extreme sadness that we announce the passing of our magnificent Finn on 28th June 2023.    Never was there a dog who epitomized the expression Gentle Giant more than he did.   He patiently endured the various playful puppies we've had over the years - never so much as a nip at even the most persistent puppies as they tried to get "Dad, Grampa, Gr. Grampa etc. etc. to play with them.    He produced four lovely litters - two with our Cedar and two with Fia.  We have his daughter, Maeve (Cedar/Finn) and his son, Conor (Fia/Finn) here with us as well as two of his granddaughters so he lives on through them.    We miss you  "Mr. Fluffy".


Finn was the singleton puppy from Kai-Lyn Shilohs' Ruby-Summit litter. Finn has matured into a magnificent dog! He is very stable, and is sensible beyond his years. He is confident yet obedient. He is gentle and loving with our grandchildren. We can trust him completely with our livestock. He will wait patiently where I tell him, while I move sheep or cattle. He is watchful and ready if I need him to block an area, but knows to keep his distance from our more protective ewes and cows. He has no fear (just common sense), and he knows when to keep a tree between himself and a possessive mama cow. Finn weighs 129 pounds and stands 30" at the shoulder.

Finn is everything I hoped he would be - a loving, gentle yet protective guardian of our family and livestock.

Finn's first litter was born to our own Cedar in June 2014. Maeve, is one of their puppies.

Crannog Finn McCool of Kai-Lyn

3 May 2012 - 28th June, 2023

Health Testing:

Hips: PennHIP .26 Left / .25 Right (>90th Percentile)

Elbows: Pending

Heart: OFA Normal (SLH-CA489/22M/P-VPI)

Thyroid: OFA Normal (SLH-TH255/22M-VPI)

TLI: Normal

DM: Clear (100-1902) by GenSol Diagnostics

Registration Number: NSBKL5121MM

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