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Aoife's health testing results

Penn Hip:  Left .29   Right .29  >90th percentile

Elbows:  OFA Normal.  Cert#SLH-EL800F33-VPI

Thyroid:  OFA Normal.  Cert#SLH-TH350/33F-VPI

Cardiac:  OFA Normal/Clear.  Cert#SLH-BCA1/33F/P-VPI

Holter:  0.0.0 7mths

DM Clear - Gensol Cert#87631

Height 27.5"

Weight 76lbs

DNA - UC Davis #NCD128757

Aoife is Miss Pink from our Maeve/Jedi litter. She was one of eleven puppies born on 31st December 2017 - what an excellent way for us to ring in the new year. Aoife was also our first white Shiloh puppy born. There were three white puppies in that litter but she was the first white surprise for us and in the end we just couldn't part with her. Aoife is a very structurally correct puppy with a typical outgoing and fun Shiloh personality. Aoife has matured into a lovely adult and loving family member.    Aoife has passed all health testing.  

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