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Thor - Crannog's Thor v Canyon

** courtesy post**

Thor has recently completed health testing and is available to approved females.   

Crannog's Thor v Canyon

D.O.B.   26 December 2016

Weight:  101 lbs

​Height:  28.5"

​Penn Hip:  R..23  L..25  90th percentile

Hips:  OFA Good SLH-1081-G54M-VPI

Elbows:  OFA Normal SLH-EL846M54-VPI

Thyroid:  OFA Normal SLH-TH364/54M-VPI

Cardiac:  OFA Normal/Clear - Cardiologist  SLH-BCA45/54M/C-VPI

DM:  Normal Gensol 49362

TLI:  20

Fresh chilled or live cover - located in Indiana, U.S.A.


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This photo of Thor was taken at about 7 months old prior to his ear injury.

Thor's ear did not recover from the injury he received while playing with another puppy.  

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