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Scottish Blackface Sheep 
and Shiloh Shepherds

Scottish Blackface Sheep and Shiloh Shepherds

Hips:  OFA Good     SLH-941G24F-VPI

Elbows:  Normal      SLH-EL706F24-VPI

Thyroid: Normal      SLH-TH330/24F-VPI

TLI - pending

Holter - Normal   (0,0,0) 12 mths.   12/17

DM - Carrier   GenSol 49358

Height:  28.5"     Weight:  94 lbs  (2 yrs)

Orla was our "keeper" puppy from our Maeve/Darby litter of 2016.   She has grown up to be a very loving girl who just loves everybody and everything.  She's as smart as a whip and willing to learn.  Orla is an excellent companion to our grandkids and is respectful and trustworthy around all our livestock.   She's just an all around great dog and a pleasure to have as part of our family.   Orla has now passed her health testing and is now part our breeding programme.   She has been bred and is expecting her first litter in April 2019.