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Scottish Blackface Sheep 
and Shiloh Shepherds

Scottish Blackface Sheep and Shiloh Shepherds

Maeve - Crannog's Warrior Queen

Penn Hip  - # 928065  L .22  R .24 >90th percentile
Elbows - Normal - OFA
Thyroid - Normal - OFA
TLI - Normal (11.9) OFA
DM - Negative by parentage
Cardiac - OFA - Normal Practitioner SLH-CA590/21F/P-VPI.  
Holter monitor results - 3 singles, no pairs, no runs.
                                                                                      Height 27.5"
                                                                                      Weight 87 lbs

Meet Maeve - our Cedar/Finn daughter from their 2014 litter. 
Maeve is a black and tan dual plush female and another gentle, loving girl.  She has inherited all of the best traits of both of her parents Cedar and Finn   She has their calm and loving nature, while also being confident and full of mischief.   She has proven to be a quick learner, and has fit in well to life on the farm. 

Maeve had her first litter in December 2016.   She proved to be a loving and attentive Mom to her 9 puppies.   From that litter we kept one girl here with us, Orla.    Maeve had her 2nd litter on 31st December 2017 - 11 puppies which she once again raised very lovingly.  We kept Aoife from that 2nd litter.   Maeve is an awesome mom.   We're looking forward to her third litter and final litter sometime in 2019.