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If you'd like to be put on our waiting list for a puppy please print off this page, fill it in and email it back (or mail) to us.

Crannog Shilohs

Jean Robertson

Box 126,

Forest Grove,

B.C. V0K 1M0

Puppy Application Form


Full home address:

Mailing address if different from home address:

Home Phone number:                             Other phone number:

Best time to call you:

Email address:

Do you own or rent your current home?                         How long at this address?

If you rent, is your landlord aware of your plans to have a large breed dog on their premises?

Style of home i.e. Single family, Townhouse, Condo, Home on Acreage, Farm/Ranch – please circle

Is your yard fenced?                            Type of fencing?                           Size of fenced area?

Current dogs or other pets?

Breed:                       Age:                         Gender:

Breed:                       Age:                         Gender:

Any special considerations regarding these pets?

Past dogs or other pets? Please tell a little about these.

What breeds?

How long did you have them?

What became of them?

Please tell us about your household. Shiloh puppies grow quickly and are very large. All are individuals with different temperments. An overly boisterous puppy could easily knock a child or a senior with mobility challenges so we'd take this into consideration when choosing "your" puppy.

Do you have children at home?


Senior family members with mobility difficulties?      

What activities do you intend to pursue with your Shiloh puppy? Circle all that apply please

Family pet, Obedience/Rally, Assistance Dog, Tracking, Therapy, Agility, SAR dog, Nose Work, Hiking, Breeding, Conformation Showing, Other (please circle all that apply)

Puppy preferences: Whereas we make the final selection of which puppy goes to each home based on temperament etc. we will take your preferences into consideration wherever possible. Ultimately we want the right puppy in the right home so that everybody is happy.

Coat colour:


It is our policy to check references so please provide your current veterinarian’s name, address and phone number and authorize them to release information to us about current or past pets.



Phone number

One last question......why a Shiloh? What attracted you to the breed?

Upon receipt of your application form I will contact you for a chat. If after that you decide to proceed and reserve a puppy the full deposit will become due. Full details on our website.

Thanks for filling out this form – please contact me if you have any questions.



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