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Meat sales

Meat options

At Crannog Farm, we believe in providing only the highest quality and most delicious meats to our customers. That's why all our animals are humanely raised and happily free-range on our pastures. Our commitment to responsible farming means that we never use antibiotics or other harmful chemicals on our animals. We are proud to say that every animal we raise is treated with respect and care.



Beef is available by the side, mixed quarters or mixed eights.    Price includes cutting and wrapping.   Does not include sausage.

$6.50 lb per side based on hanging weight.  Average side is approximately  400 lbs 

$7.00 lb per mixed quarter based on hanging weight.  Average quarter is approximately 200 lbs

$7.50 lb per mixed eight based on hanging weight.  Average is approximately 100 lbs.

Beef boxes

Boxes are 25 lbs weight.    $299 each or 2 (50lbs) for $550

10 lbs lean ground beef

4 lbs stewing beef

2 x 3 to 4 lbs roasts

2 packs of prime steaks (2 steaks per package)

2 packs of round or chuck steaks (2 steaks per package)


Lamb is available whole.    

$8 lb based on hanging weight plus cutting and wrapping.    Average hanging weight is 35-40 lbs.

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