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Scottish Blackface Sheep 
and Shiloh Shepherds

Scottish Blackface Sheep and Shiloh Shepherds

Humanely raised lamb and beef

Angus cows and calves

We’re still fairly new to cattle, but with so many large predators in our area we are limited as to where we can safely graze our sheep.  Rather than let the rest of the property go back to bush, we decided on cattle.  Research and talking to breeders led us to the Aberdeen Angus.

Probably the best known cattle in North America, they are renowned for producing superior quality meat.  They are a manageable size; their ease of calving and efficient conversion of feed makes them suitable for all conditions.

Calving season begins here at Crannog Farm in April every year.  Our girls are looking good and we're hoping for some very nice calves from them.  We have both Red and Black Angus cattle.   

Four 2 yr old steers for sale.   $1600 each until end of February.   Price will increase as they grow .   Previous steers from the same parents finished between 800 and over 1000 lbs hanging weight at twenty seven months old.

We also have a nice registered black heifer who will be 2 in April and who would be a great addition to your herd.   She's been exposed to a bull since 1st July 2019.     We  also have four registered 2019 heifer calves available.    Contact Us for pedigrees and prices.