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Scottish Blackface ewes

Some of our flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep

Welcome to Crannog Farm. We are a British Columbia based breeder of Scottish Blackface Sheep located in the beautiful Cariboo region.

When it comes to our livestock - their needs come first. We have their well-being first and foremost in all that we do. Our Scottish Blackface Sheep are handled gently using food rewards and knowledge of animal behaviour to move them rather than harsh physical methods. These same methods are also employed with our Angus cattle. With little or no stress in their lives you can taste the difference. Humanely raised lamb and beef is just better! We are very strong advocates for animal welfare, believing all animals have a right to shelter, good feed and humane treatment during every phase of their lives.

Please feel free to look around and contact us if you have any questions - Thanks for visiting! Come back often to view our regular updates.

Scottish Blackface Sheep

Heading out to graze

Finn, Maeve and Cedar - where it all began.....

Angus Cattle - calves grazing

Some of our babies

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